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Computerized Neuropsychological Test Battery
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Request Account to Administer Penn Computerized Neurocognitive Battery

On behalf of the University of Pennsylvania's Brain Behavior Laboratory, thank you for expressing interest in our computerized neurocognitive tests. As always, our lab is pleased to disseminate stimuli and procedures used in our research projects; sharing this type of information is a basic part of furthering scientific knowledge. Our goal in this endeavor is to facilitate research and further clarify the understanding of cognitive processing.

Before providing access to our computerized neurocognitive tests, we ask that you provide:

Upon approval, we will provide access to our new, Web-Based tests, by activating an account on the PennCNP interface. Only one PennCNP account will be approved per investigator. If you require a customized battery, multiple accounts or other project specific materials, please contact our Service Center team via email at

We cannot provide any support for this application (PennCNP) outside of the documentation that will be provided. We will also not assume responsibility for:

Again, thank you for expressing interest in our neurocognitive tests and stimuli. If these conditions are acceptable, please click on the button below that says "I Agree", and fill out the following form. We can then proceed with emailing you instructions for accessing the tests and interface. Should you have further questions or requests, please contact us via email (

Best regards,
Ruben C. Gur, Ph.D.

Gur, R.C., Ragland, J.D., Moberg, P.J.,Turner, T.H., Bilker, W.B., Kohler, C., Siegel, S.J., Gur, R.E. Computerized Neurocognitive Scanning: I. Methodology and validation in healthy people. Neuropsychopharmacology, 25, 766-776, 2001.

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